Six new #vcusocialmedia projects completed

The six project teams finalized their social media campaigns for their local nonprofit clients and will present them on Monday. Below you can view the social media manuals that the teams produced to help the nonprofits maintain the social media projects beyond this program. You can also click on their presentations. The team of the VCU Social . . . → Read More: Six new #vcusocialmedia projects completed

Tasks for Week 4

Wow, the class is almost over. Here’s an overview on what’s ahead during our fourth week, which will be a short one. Please refer to Assignments and the Schedule for more details on the requirements and daily activities. Continue reading Tasks for Week 4

Advanced Social Media Measurement and Analysis

By Dominique Cosby

Katie Paine is the co-writer of our textbook in this class. Her specialty is social media measurement. She explains how communication has changed in the world. For example, there are no more boundaries with media. There is traditional media vs social, where traditional media is like TV, newspaper, and magazines while social media is . . . → Read More: Advanced Social Media Measurement and Analysis

Social media fundraising with @Sarahmilston

By Noah Rabatin

In her presentation, Sarah Milston, CEO of The Spark Mill, spoke about how to effectively and strategically use social media as a forum for raising money through donations. The three key focuses of Ms. Milston’s presentation were the use of a proper and well organized platform, direct and attractive communication, and targeting the right . . . → Read More: Social media fundraising with @Sarahmilston

Social media allows you to be the face and the voice behind a brand: Guest lecture by @christinamdick

By Kaitlyn Castro

On Friday, we had the pleasure of having Christina Dick, our second key speaker, share with us her rise from VCU alumna to becoming the founder of TFB Agency, a marketing consultancy with a focus on social media. Dick is a current adjunct professor at VCU’s Robertson School of Media and Culture, teaching public . . . → Read More: Social media allows you to be the face and the voice behind a brand: Guest lecture by @christinamdick

Instructions for client social media manuals

Besides developing a social media campaign and strategy for your nonprofit group, you must produce a manual documenting what you did, why you did it and how your client can keep it going. This may be the most important part of your project — because it may determine whether your work will be sustained, whether it will . . . → Read More: Instructions for client social media manuals

Organizational branding with @jonahholland

By Laquan Simpkins

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to witness the first key speaker in our summer semester. Jonah Holland is the PR & Marketing Coordinator at from Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, which is a nonprofit organization in Richmond. The gardens take up 82 acres, have 68 full-time employees, 500 volunteers, 12,000 members, and an annual budget of $6.1 million. Continue reading Organizational branding with @jonahholland

Introduction to social media uses and campaigns

Social media have not only revolutionized how we communicate, but also have a profound impact on global politics and business. Tuesday’s (July 6) lecture by Dr. Messner gives an overview on the development of social media platforms as networking and organizing tools in the United States and their global impact, especially during the . . . → Read More: Introduction to social media uses and campaigns