Program Assistants

The following program assistants will assist students during and outside of class.


Jeanine Guidry

Jeanine Guidry

Jeanine Guidry – Program Assistant

Jeanine Guidry is a Ph.D. student in the Social and Behavioral Health Program at VCU. She earned her B.S. and M.S. in Health Sciences from Maastricht University in the Netherlands and her M.P.S. in Strategic Public Relations from George Washington University. Her research interests are focused on the use of social media and mobile technology in health communications, and she has recently been working on several projects looking at the use of  Instagram and Pinterest in the area of health communications. In addition, Guidry is the founder and executive director of Arts in the Alley, a nonprofit organization that paints murals on the walls of the streets and alleys in Richmond. It is her first year as an assistant with the IYLEP program at VCU, but she has been involved for several years as a nonprofit client with Arts in the Alley and as an expert speaker on social media.
Email:; Twitter: @redheadacademic



Chelsea Hanson

Chelsea Hanson

Chelsea Hanson – Program Assistant

Chelsea Hanson is a recent graduate of the Robertson School of Media and Culture with a major in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Spanish. Previously she has interned at iHeart Radio and worked as a promotional and marketing representative for Warner Music Group. While attending VCU she was a part of numerous organizations including Kappa Tau Alpha. the Honor Society for Scholarship in Journalism and Mass Communication and a delegate for the Student Government Association. In September, she will be moving to Spain as a teacher assistant for the Spanish Embassy’s Auxiliary Conversation Program.

Email:; Twitter: @chelcfromthesea



Sarah portrait

Sarah Burley

Sarah Burley – Program Assistant

Sarah Burley is a recent graduate of the Robertson School of Media and Culture with a major in Creative Advertising and Global Education. She previously interned at the Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce as a graphic designer and advertising strategist. While attending VCU, she was a part of programs such as VCU Globe, Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program and served as an UTA Mentor. In August, she will be attending VCU Brandcenter where she will be pursuing her Masters of Science in Business Branding and Experience Design.
Email:; Twitter: @sburlaaay