Tasks for Week 3

We’re getting ready for the third week in our class and we will now move full speed ahead with our social media projects.  Here’s an overview on what’s ahead this coming week. Please refer to Assignments and the Schedule for more details on the requirements and daily activities.

A special evening for everyone: We will have a casual potluck dinner with all VCU and IYLEP students at the VCU Globe just outside our classroom at 7 p.m. on Wednesday (July 20). Everyone, please bring a dish!

Nonprofit project: This week you need to complete your social media project.  There will be no class session on Tuesday to give you extra time for work in your team. Depending on the aim of your project, social media accounts should be created and a content strategy implemented with daily updates. You should also shoot your video/produce your multimedia. Complete your social media manual. Everyone in your project team should have a clearly defined role and tasks that amount to equal shares of the overall work. If there’s a team member who is not participating, please contact us and do not wait until the last minute. You will run out of time. On Wednesday (July 20), you will present the current state of your project to an expert panel. You will have exactly five minutes to present your campaign and every team member needs to have an active speaking part in the presentation. It is expected that you use Prezi for your presentation (no Powerpoint). You will receive feedback that is intended to help you improve your project during the last week of the course. Your social media manual and the link to your final Prezi presentation are due on Friday, July 22, at 3 p.m. via e-mail to both instructors.

Measurement: At the beginning of the week we will focus in more detail on measuring the effectiveness of a social media campaign. Before class on Monday, make sure to complete all assigned readings. We will talk to measurement expert Katie Paine, who will speak via Skype to our class on Monday. You will be expected to have an in-depth discussion with her that should help you plan your own projects.

Iraq social media project: The IYLEP students will start developing a project that they will implement after returning to Iraq. The concept presentation will be in class on Thursday (July 21) and the written report is due at the end of the same day. See more details here.

LinkedIn profile: The MASC 491 and 691 students will create a profile on LinkedIn. It is due in Week 4 on July 27. 

Twitter engagement: You need to continue to engage on Twitter every day until the end of the semester. From now on, it is expected that you engage in conversations and active tweeting throughout the day and the week about social media and our course. It is not enough to just tweet five times at once every day.

Instagram engagement: Post original content at least once a day.

Blog contribution (MASC 491 only): Make sure you know your individually assigned date for the blog summary of a guest lecture. The dates are posted under “Files” in our Facebook Group.

Research project (MASC 691 only): Start writing your research paper. It will be due in Week 4 on July 27.

Readings: Read chapters Chapters 10-14 and the epilogue in our textbook.

Guest speakers and judges: Follow all of our guest speakers and judges on Twitter. Check the schedule for details.

Katie Delahaye Paine, CEO of Paine Publishing, @queenofmetrics

Garrett Ross, CEO of Mobelux, @grtweets

Alix Bryan, CBS 6, @alixbryan

Nathan Hughes, Sperity Real Estate Ventures, @rvabusiness

Liz Lungut, Partnership for Nonprofit Excellence, @LizRenn

Field trip: The IYLEP students will visit the TV studio of WTVR-CBS 6 on Tuesday (1-3 p.m.). We will meet at 1 p.m. at the entrance of the station at 3301 West Broad Street. Please be on time. VCU students are welcome to come along.

The task summary for Week 4 will be posted on Friday, July 22.

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