Tasks for Week 1

Here’s an overview on what you need to do during our first week. Please refer to Assignments and the Schedule for more details on the requirements and daily activities.

Before getting started, every student needs to sign up for accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Existing accounts on these platforms can be used for this class.

Also, join our “private” Facebook group (IYLEP 2016 @VCU) and follow our Twitter feed (@vcusocialmedia). We are using the hashtag #vcusocialmedia on Twitter. Also “like” the class Facebook page (our public Facebook presence) and follow our Instagram account.

Twitter engagement: You need to engage on Twitter every day from July 6 until July 25 (except weekends). Post five tweets every day with the hashtag #vcusocialmedia. You need to follow all of your classmates by Thursday, July 7. See a link to all Twitter handles (and all of the other social media accounts of everyone) in our Facebook group. Please fill in your own contact and social media information by the end of July 6.

Instagram engagement: Starting on July 7, you need to engage on Instagram every day until the end of the semester (except for the weekend). You need to follow all of your classmates, your professors, program assistant and the program Twitter account (vcusocialmedia) by July 8. See a link to all Instagram usernames under “Files” in our Facebook group.

Quiz: Expect one quiz later this week. It will be announced the day before. Each quiz in this class will have five questions and will test your understanding of the lectures and readings.

Nonprofit project: You will be assigned a project team and a nonprofit client. On July 5 you and your teammates will make contact with the client. You will meet with the client in class at noon on July 7. In that meeting you will learn of the needs and goals of the client and begin to develop a strategy for your project. Prepare by researching your organization online. Know how the organization utilizes social media right now. You will visit the organization on Monday, July 11, during class.

Iraq presentation (IYLEP students only): We will introduce your to this assignments after class on July 5. Your team needs to send your Powerpoint file to Professor Medina-Messner by the end of July 10. Presentations will start on Tuesday, July 12.

Tool presentations: Check our Facebook group under “Files” for your assigned presentation date and teammate. These will become available after the first class. Presentations will start on Wednesday, July 7.

Blog assignment (MASC 491 students only): Check our Facebook group under “Files” and sign up for a date and class lecture that you will cover with a blog post. This will become available after the first class. Please sign up by the end of July 6.

iPad checkout (MASC 491 and 691 students only): Please go to the Temple Building (901 West Main Street), room 1120 (first floor), and see broadcast video engineer John Geerdes or one of the technology monitors. You need to check out an iPad kit for the multomedia production in this class. You need to return the iPad kit by July 25.  Please do the checkout before class (9-10 a.m.) on either July 6 or July 7. Bring the iPad kit to class on July 8.

Readings: Read chapters 1-2 in our textbook.

Guest speakers: We will hear from two guest speakers this week:

Jonah Holland, public relations and marketing coordinator at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (@lewisginter)

Christina Dick, owner of TFB Agency and former president of the Richmond Ad Club (@ChristinaMDick)

The task summary for Week 2 will be posted on Friday, July 8.

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