Social media fundraising with @Sarahmilston

By Noah Rabatin

In her presentation, Sarah Milston, CEO of The Spark Mill, spoke about how to effectively and strategically use social media as a forum for raising money through donations. The three key focuses of Ms. Milston’s presentation were the use of a proper and well organized platform, direct and attractive communication, and targeting the right audience. Giving many examples and links to various tools and resources, I gained a much better understanding of how to translate specific goals into social media campaigns that will have real world results

A very important factor of any fundraising campaign is planning a multi-channel effort using platforms that optimizes the users experience and motivates their participation and contribution. A well-organized campaign uses several websites and social media platforms to educate and guide potential contributors through the process of donating online. Effective mediums clearly communicate their goals, story, and their intentions with a simple click of an easy to identify “Donation,” button, usually found in the top right hand corner of the websites home page.

Milston 2

A well-structured website can only do so much without the means of communicating their intentions to an audience willing to give to the cause. There are multiple ways in which organizations can reach out to these people without becoming over bearing with their message. Four major avenues any serious campaign in the modern day must take into consideration is the use of video, social media, the web, and email. Strategic use of tools such as E-newsletter, or crowd funding websites like Indiegogo or Kickstarter are effective for a campaign to offer deals or benefits for donating. Another way a campaign can communicate their mission is the use of un-affiliated ambassadors or champions that use their own to reach out to influential audiences that would otherwise be lost in chaos that is the internet

Modern audiences find that the Internet is their go-to medium for the exchange of money for products, service, and donation. The largest portion of that audience consists of Millennials, a very influential group with a generous attitude, limited disposable income, and usually in a hurry. Capturing the right type of audience, communicating to them the right message, and providing easy to use systems of donation assures organizations an effective and persuasive money raising campaign.

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