Presentations by the IYLEP students on the regions of their homeland

By Savannah Green

From the country’s capital, Baghdad, all the way to the beautiful mountains in Kurdistan, our Iraqi classmates taught us to love their home as much as we love ours. Today in class we all got to listen and watch as our Iraqi classmates shared their favorite places, foods, nature scenes, and cultural beliefs with the class. Not only did these presentations inform us American students, but also the other Iraqi students who live in different areas of the large country.

The students were divided based on their hometown so their presentations could easily relate. The first presentation was on Southern Iraq. They started by showing us their favorite places to visit. One of those places was the Ziggurat di Ur, an ancient area where Iraqi people go to worship God. Iraqi people are a very social and friendly people, which does not surprise me since that basically sums up our classmates J! They appreciate an easy going life and doing things like drinking tea and hanging out with friends. Southern Iraq’s economy is fed by their lead in the oil production business, in comparison to both central and northern Iraq.

Kurdistan was one of the following presentations presented by a group of students. Kurdistan is considered one of the more ‘liberal’ and ‘free’ places in Iraq. They have their own government and military. They have three primary languages: Sorani, Badini, and Hawrini. The students all mutually agreed that the beautiful land of Kurdistan is built on diversity, independency, and culture.

Each Iraqi student presented different things that they held close to their heart about their country. Sharing these things with each other helped us all understand their culture a little more than we did before.




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