“Love what you do, not do what you love” – Guest speaker Garrett Ross

By Amro Alyamani

We had a great guest speaker yesterday, Garrett Ross of Mobelux, who told us about start-ups and how we can work for ourselves one day. Garrett was born near Yellowstone park, and worked a few jobs before he and friend decided to start their own business.

It wasn’t until his friend bought the first iPhone back in 2007, that they knew what they wanted to do. They want to help bring apps/sites and make them more phone-friendly. That’s when they came up with Mobelux. They didn’t have any money and they didn’t even know the route they were going. But they worked hard and kept their full-time jobs on the side.

He told us, no two businesses are the same, so there really isn’t a manual. You will learn as you go and you will some mistakes. But you have to keep at, and don’t be discouraged by what you don’t know. Garrett and his partner had a few ideas, but they weren’t very proficient in programming. So when they tried to find some help, they couldn’t find it. No one really wanted to help them, and smart people cost money. SO Garrett’s partner took one course in programming and he felt confident after that. Don’t let fear or lack of knowledge stop you. One can learn and practice until you are good enough to do it on your own. They were one of the first to engage in app creation at the time.

“Love what you do” NOT “do what you love”. This was a great quote from our speaker. He said he had many things that he loved, and some people don’t know what they love or what they want to do. This was great piece of advice, as we should enjoy what we are currently doing because we have to. Might as well learn something and try to enjoy it. So they worked and worked while keeping their other jobs. In fact it wasn’t for two and half years was Garrett able to leave his job. That’s when they landed a huge deal with Tumblr. That’s when he was able to focus on his passion with Mobelux. He told us to take risks, and he mentioned why places like Silicon Valley have many of the successful start ups. It’s because more people there are risk takers, and willing got fail. It’s only after some failures can one come up with the next big thing.

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