Social media allows you to be the face and the voice behind a brand: Guest lecture by @christinamdick

By Kaitlyn Castro

On Friday, we had the pleasure of having Christina Dick, our second key speaker, share with us her rise from VCU alumna to becoming the founder of TFB Agency, a marketing consultancy with a focus on social media. Dick is a current adjunct professor at VCU’s Robertson School of Media and Culture, teaching public relations and advertising. While social media is second nature to her, Dick is also a beauty and fashion blogger for Tiramisu for Breakfast, where the name TFB Agency derived from.

Christina Dick

Dick shared with us her past positions starting out with being a media buyer, where she would take a campaign and decide where and when it should be launched. Next, she was a community manager, implementing media channels and social media in marketing and advertising strategies. From there she realized social media was her niche and became a content strategist, then eventually a social recruiter, which involves using both creativity and strategy.

Dick has an extensive background working with local and well-known clients. In class she highlighted on social media playing a role to leverage and expose interactions people are making to better predict how a future strategy can be built.

Social listening – brands looking for people who are circulating conversation around their product – is crucial to learning about consumers. Hashtags and mentions allow for people to speak out to a wider audience by just using the search engine as well as networking. Dick mentioned that switching the model for an existing social media presence is not necessary, but instead with the right content and strategy, social media can boost and promote how well a brand or company stands in the market – a good example is James River Air Conditioning Company and their collaboration with the Richmond SPCA.

Dick made note of how important is to organize your content. By creating a media calendar, it becomes easier to see long term how much time you work on a certain project and it can help you define what your goals are. Dick also shared her passion for beauty blogging. Bloggers are important for outreach. Not only are they speaking to their audience, but also to the people with whom they eventually share their experiences.


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