IYLEP at CBS-Channel 6

By Andrew Scott

On Tuesday, July 19 around 1:00pm, the IYLEP students took a field trip to the CBS6 WTVR station on West Broad Street. It took a little bit of time for everyone to arrive, but we were able to get started around 1:30pm.

Scott Wise, our tour guide, works as an online producer at the station. His job is to manage the website and social media, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Scott has been at the station for 17 years. He started as a television producer where he produced all of the newscasts they have. They have 5 or 6 newscasts per day. After being a television producer, he became an executive producer, a position he maintained until about 5 years ago when he transitioned to web journalism, which is what he does now.

Scott mentioned how different newspapers and televised newscasts were back in the day, but how, as the time goes on, they have become increasingly more similar. Newspapers used to have huge staffs and cover more drawn out stories, while newscasts had fewer staff members and get the fire and crime stories. He mentioned how, as time goes on, newscasts and newspapers are beginning to cover the same stories.

A few students asked questions about the television station and their social media use. Scott informed us that they primarily use Facebook and Twitter, but Facebook is the most important one. Facebook drives people back to their website to view their content, which is what they want. Twitter does not yield the same results. They have four social media staff that handles posting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once we finished with the information and question session, we left the conference room and went on a tour of the newsroom, which is where all journalists, reports, and producers work to stay up to date on occurrences. Scott introduced the people in the room to the group.

As it pertains to social media and trends, there are three screens near the web interaction/social media area. They showed the trending topics around the country, what news stories are trending right now, and what pages are being viewed under the company’s server.

We then moved into the studio where they hold all live newscasts. Scott took a group into the control room, where they decide which camera will be shown live and manage what is broadcasted. There is a road map drawn for every show, and then the directors in the control room make it happen. We concluded the tour with Jake Burns and Scott interviewing the IYLEP students on camera! It was a fun time.


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